Houdini combines hardware & software technologies to enhance guest experience and efficiency in hotel operations.

For guests, it hosts a range of interactive and intuitive features to operate, control and enjoy on a tablet. They can set room ambience, manage entertainment, avail hotel services on-demand and access information.

While you indulge your guests with the luxury of easy navigation, convenient controls and order-by-touch experience, Houdini improves your business operations.

It ups efficiency, reduces the demand on dedicated resources and simplifies administration. To the management and service delivery teams, it offers dashboards (separate one for engineering, front desk & housekeeping) in addition to reports & intelligence that help you understand your guests better.

Houdini has been engineered with a blend of dependable and secure IP-based hardware and software to set your business apart from competition.


Personalized Room Control

  • Mood settings
  • DND and MUR
  • Curtains and drapes
  • Climate control
  • Door lock operation which can be integrated with door camera


  • TV, Video & Music on demand
  • Access to electronic program guides
  • Browsing trailers of Movies and TV content
  • Access to the internet
  • Personalization of playlists
  • Personal media casting on TV

Request Services

  • Request for services like in-room dining, laundry, spa and salon
  • Make reservations at fine dine restaurants
  • Manage loyalty program
  • Shop smart, avail discounts & offers, view promotional and other hotel content
  • Check the local scene for options, e.g., adventure, tourist guides, itineraries and places of interest
  • Read newspapers, books and get the latest information

Information and Utilities

  • Always know when to carry the umbrella from live weather updates
  • Go on adventures and check tourist guides, itinerary and places of interest
  • Shop smart with trending shopping discounts, sales and offers
  • Sync with the world by receiving latest local and world news
  • Get equipped with online utilities like stock updates and flight information

Benefits for your business

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Arowana provides dedicated implementation, integration, maintenance and in-life support

Customizable & Scalable

Houdini is customized to integrate with your IT ecosystem and your branding guidelines / design palate. It can be scaled to address any property size and number of units.

Intuitive Dashboards

Houdini comes with dashboards for business, to monitor and manage the delivery of operations and engineering services

Business Intelligence

Analyze and anticipate user preferences to offer a personalized experience to your guests


Promote offers and maximize your revenue with ancillary sales using remarketing

Unified Information Window

Streamlines multiple information channels into a single hub for communicating event details, restaurant menu, spa and providing utilities for places, weather and news

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